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Preload & Data Services for Your USB Flash Drives

We offer a variety innovative options to deliver your custom content, whether it is a simple PDF catalog, a web page set to autorun, or a dazzling Flash presentation that loads automatically. Our preload options can add power and lasting impact to your promotional marketing campaign.

For more advanced content delivery like software distribution and other kinds of integrated data solutions, we offer RTS portable security software , portable freeware applications , custom icon creation, and much more. See below for details and call or send an email to to discuss your project.

Standard Preload

We copy your content to your flash drives and users can access it at will. Perfect for a “soft sell” or for distributing software and other data content to users who know what they’re getting.

Menu-Prompt Autorun

When users insert their flash drives, Window’s default menu-prompt will feature a custom option, pointing the users to access your content. Great for getting your info across without appearing aggressive.

AutoPlay Autorun

Our most direct option. As soon as the USB Flash Drive is plugged in it will send information to Windows in order to automatically launch your content.

*The AutoPlay feature can be disabled from Windows by the user or an administrator. The content will remain accesible on the Flash Drive but it will not launch automatically in this case.

Custom Icon Creation

A customized icon to replace the default drive icon associated with your Flash Drive device. A very popular option for Portable Media Player orders, value-added resellers, and software/media distributors.

Hidden Files

Choose to have certain files hidden from normal user access, such as support-files that may clutter an otherwise well-organized Flash Drive or data-collecting files that cannot be locked nor compromised.

Serialization Service

Select a range of hexadecimal values to be serialized in each unit’s device properties.

IMPORTANT: With the exception of the Standard Preload, the above options will only work reliably on a Windows-based computer (and newer than Windows 98). Talk to a sales rep for info on how to have content accesible on a Mac while still having non-standard options work on a Windows PC.

Post time: Jul-14-2017

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